I have lived, worked and played in Costa Rica for the better part of the past 21 years and to this day continue to marvel at the opportunities this tropical destination offers.

A great deal of his time was focused on learning the ins and outs of the real estate and land development business and assisting many newcomers with their property purchase and their introduction to Costa Rica. Over these past years Darrel has also built many lasting and strong relationships with local entrepreneurs, developers, and professional service providers.

Having worked extensively in corporate Canada before relocating to Costa Rica he brings with him over twenty five years of management and marketing experience to add to the Costa Rican education of the past few years. His sincere desires is to assist people interested in exploring the various lifestyle, real estate, and business opportunities available in Costa Rica. Darrel has often commented that “If by sharing my experiences with my clients brings them one step closer to having their own piece of paradise, then I have accomplished my goal.”

Welcoming people, excellent weather, respect for the environment, a positive economic climate and affordable lifestyle options, Costa Rica has it all.

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