Welcome to Ballena Homes and our services.

We, at Ballena Homes, are a full-service agency. We are here to assist you, to walk you through the entire process of creating your new home. We know that building and finishing a new home is exciting!  However,it can also feel daunting in a country where you don’t know the processes and the language.  We do our best to make it easier for you! Build your home with us and make your dream come true.

Appliance purchasing:

  • Golfito is the best place to purchase appliances. One of our team will take you for your first trip there, to get your Tarjeta and price / choose what you may want to purchase.
  • When it is time to purchase your appliances, we will assist you with the Golfito buying process and arrange transportation to your new home.
  • If you pay for your appliances with cash, you will save up to, and often more than, 8% off the ticket price.  So; bringing cash with you or transferring from the USA, to cover this is a good idea. You can use your Banco National debit card the same as cash in Golfito. Transportation for your things from Golfito costs around $250; and you will need to pay the “helper” guys…. budget another $100 for this.  You will need cash for these.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Royal Palm interiors in Uvita. They have packages available and Shelagh and Bruce can assist you with your appliances, furniture, etc. Tell them Ballena Homes sent you!


Part of our services is taking you to see tile, taps, toilets and sinks, furniture, etc:

  1. We will take you to San Isidro to look for tile, taps, toilets, sinks, etc.
  2. One of our team can take you to San Jose to look for outdoor furniture, and all the little things that make your new home beautiful.
  3. We will arrange for a cabinet / furniture maker to make your custom beds, night stands, dining table and chairs, stools, wardrobes, etc. Go on-line and find what you want, send that to us and our guys will build exactly what you want.

Fans, sinks, taps, etc

You can look here, in San Jose and in San Isidro… but; you may want to order these on line; and you and have them shipped with  if you are from the USA.   Register with Jerry on the website, and get your shipping instructions and information from him.   The shipping process takes about 3 months, so you if you choose to do this, you will want to get them ordered early; to ensure they are here in time to be installed.  You can often get better quality, cheaper by ordering online; and still save money after you pay Jerry’s shipping costs.  

I recommend having a look and think about what you want… find out what they will cost; so you know when you get here, and can compare… and make good decisions.

Towel racks, soap holders, toilet paper holders, etc.  

Again, look online and see what you like. You can look in EPA, and the other hardware stores here… then; make your final decision after you see what is available here.  You may very well will end up ordering online and bringing in suitcases.


Door knobs, cabinet and drawer pulls.  

You can look in EPA and the other hardware stores here. You may very well want to get these in the USA and bring them with you.  When it is time, we will give you a count of door knobs, pulls, etc. and type needed.  Once the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is designed, we will know how many pulls you will need.  You will want to order a few extra for night stands and any other things you may have built later on, so that they will match.


Cushions or fabric to have them made.  

You can get some nice cushions, etc. in Aliss or Universal.  If you want other colors or designs, buy the fabric in the USA and bring it with you, when you come on the next trip or ship it; and we can have them made here for you. I have some great seamstresses and we can get the foam in San Isidro. If you want the special “foam pillow” inserts, you will have to order them and ship them.  It is a weird thing…. it is really hard to buy nice tropical print weather resistant fabric anywhere here!

Dishes, glasses, small appliances, etc.

 You can get nice stuff in Aliss, Universal or Pequeño Mundo, Golfito.

Cutlery, knives – can be purchased in Golfito.

Small appliances – you can get locally, in Golfito or many stores in San Jose or San Isidro.  Anything out of the ordinary – buy online and ship.


Storage of your things:

If it is necessary to store anything, while your house is being constructed; for example, the storage of appliances, fans, etc.; or things you mule here in your suitcases… you can rent a space in the U-Store in Ojochal – where the Food Bank Second Hand store- La Manita is; for $60 per month.  We can help you with this.  Our clients get a preferred rate.

Paint Colors

If you can think about paint colors while you are in North America or Europe, and bring some swatches of what you want, the guys can match it here. It is almost impossible to get paint swatch samples here. If you want to be sure the color looks how you want it on the house, we can get a sample of your paint choice made, and test it while you are here

If you still have questions about our services, do not hesitate to ask us.
We are here to assist you!!
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